Amidst all the craziness of my work schedule recently, I couldn’t help but start decorating our apartment for Christmas. I couldn’t wait any longer and I wanted to be able to enjoy the tree and all the lights for as long as possible. Sean confessed this year that he doesn’t like putting up the Christmas tree…my response was cold denial…’Yes you do Sean…putting up the tree is the best.’ He couldn’t argue with that logic.

Today, in response to the huge mess I made decorating and the onslaught of fake pine needles, we went on an apartment-wide cleaning spree. At some point we discovered how horribly dirty our kitchen floor was…

This was us for a couple of hours today:

Our kitchen floor is now an entirely different color.

My apologies if you have ever been in our house prior to today. We welcomed you into our pigsty completely unawares.

I used the scrubbing techniques I learned in Karate Kid and am now sore. Despite this, it was totally worth it. At one point, Sean and I were both silently scrubbing and I realized how happy I was to be working on our kitchen floor together. I liked scrubbing the kitchen floor for an hour today because we were doing it together.

All the more reason for Sean to put up the Christmas tree with me…not even that would be fun without him.


3 thoughts on “Cinderellas

  1. Robin

    Did any mice or birds help out with the cleaning? Was there high pitched singing in the background? Love that movie. Bet you love your new floor.

  2. Chris

    You know I never reply (but always read!) these – I love every one of your posts…but how did we forget to tell you that little detail about Sean’s “Scrooginess” when it comes to putting up the tree! At least he is consistent!!

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