Hustle and Bustle

It’s official. It’s December 1st and the holiday hustle and bustle is already in full swing around our house.

I am currently sitting on the floor in our family room surrounded by fall decorations, boxes and boxes of Christmas decor, lots of work emails, a half-finished craft project, unfolded laundry, a camera full of unedited photos, and 2 of the 25+ presents that I need to buy.

My car is packed with bags and bags of supplies for a holiday party I am hosting in 3 days from now for families at our church: random foodstuffs, one finished (yay) and very cute craft project, a box of instruments, assorted paper goods, stocking stuffers, prizes, arts and crafts supplies, fake snow, and lots of jingling reindeer headbands.

But look how relaxed we look in this picture from last Christmas in our matching pj’s (Despite my extreme amount of lip gloss).

We survived last year’s hustle and bustle and we will survive this year.

And now that listening to Christmas music is appropriate…we might even enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Hustle and Bustle

  1. Cristie

    SO excited to be with you guys over Christmas! Good luck with your Christmas party this weekend! Love you!


    p.s. Love the new snow effect on your page!

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