It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the new things we’ve been up to. But we’ve been very busy. Much too busy having lots of fun.

Since I’ve posted we have…

…celebrated my birthday

…therefore grown an entire year older (meg)

…received a talking balloon

…had ice cream sundaes with great friends

…eaten a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant in our fancy clothes

…ate bone marrow (sean)

…been extremely grossed out (meg)

…ate homemade pasta and homemade tiramisu courtesy of Sean’s parents (YUM)

…spent an entire weekend together…made 0 plans…camped out in our living room…and loved our life…

…almost finished hemming a pair of jeans (you know who)

…wore the previously mentioned unfinished jeans

…in Manhattan

…o yes, went to NYC (meg)

…did not see a rat or any type of New York-esque vermin in my sisters new apartment

…because it is beautiful, clean, and extremely spacious

…had a fabulous time with sisters and mom and remembered why I miss them every day of my life

…wore a designer blouse and felt like a princess (Ali, you get to play dress up every day! how fun is that!)

…went to an Ohio State football game – Go Buckeyes! (sean)

…that was entirely too much of a nail-biter for most of the game

…while spending the weekend with my dad (in-law bonding time)

…and his fabulous brother (Evan)

…played too many video games (you know who)

…both returned home…sat on the floor and ate pizza…and were glad to be home…and together

…all in all, have had a fabulous couple of weeks…



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