Now that we are about to throw away this year’s pumpkins…I figure I should post our masterpieces before the garbage man takes them away…

Last year, Sean and I thought it would be romantic to only get one pumpkin. We ended up having serious artistic differences when it came to carving it. I wanted a happy triangular jack-o-lantern. Sean wanted to carve Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night.’ No seriously. He did.

I’m not really sure what we ended up with last year. We may have only gotten so far as to cut out the stem before we called it quits, but suffice it to say that this year we knew we needed our own pumpkins.

Full armed with a pattern book and some handy new pumpkin carving saws we headed over to our friends’ house for some fall fun.

It was Nathan’s first pumpkin carving experience…

…but it turned out very well…

Four teeth...just like James!

We are so blessed by the small group we joined last year. We have made some great friends and love sharing fun memories like this together!

Here are our finished masterpieces…can you guess whose is whose?

We aren’t really sure what they are both looking at…


4 thoughts on “Jack-o-lanterns

  1. Courtney

    Wow…I’m honored Sean was so inspired by my halloween costume! Perhaps that’s what your pumpkins are looking at? My festive outfits are eye-catching! 😉

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