Halloween Costumes

When I was little I loved dressing up…

…these days…not as much…

This weekend my husband, Clark Kent, and I went out with these lovely folks…

Medusa and Swamp Thing were lovely company.

Courtney’s costume was entirely homemade. I love Courtney for many reasons. The current list includes: her love of all things fun, her limitless creativity, her impressive Medusa makeup job…

My costume was entirely unimpressive. Observe:

Confused? Well that’s because I slapped a fake gun and a cowboy hat on a black t-shirt and jeans and called myself a cowgirl. The perk of this pathetic effort was that I was permitted to unashamedly wear pigtails in public. Pigtails are wonderful.

And so is Clark Kent.



4 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. Courtney

    next year we’ll get your head in the game earlier….I’m sure there are limitless costumes that involve pigtails. I’ll whip you up something special!
    Thanks for humoring my insatiable love for costumes!

  2. Robin

    Are you sure you didn’t want to go as a 50’s girl, a crayon, or an indian? All those costumes downstairs!!!! And I am sure they all fit really well!

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