DrumRoll Please…

Three weeks ago, I needed to go to the grocery store. We were out of the basics: milk, cereal, bread. Our lunches were random assortments of whatever we could scrap together.

Two weeks ago, I still hadn’t gone to the grocery store. Things were looking bleak. Even the peanut butter was gone. Hope was almost lost.

My solution?Enter: Chocolate chip cookies. Breakfast, lunch, dinner all in one bite-size package. Redemption.

Leave it to me to still have all necessary ingredients for cookies despite there being no edible items left in the cupboards. It’s all about priorities people.

Last week, I finally took a trip to the grocery store. Amidst my long list of needed items, the seasonal aisle called out to me.  I quickly dropped two cans of pumpkin in the cart – certain that I could whip up something deliciously autumnal.  Sean and I were on our way to recovery from our Survivor-esque weight loss plan – we needed something big to bulk us back up. As soon as I got home, I scavenged around the internet for a recipe for one of Sean’s favorite treats…

Enter: Pumpkin Roll

Unfortunately, I was immediately confronted with a huge stumbling block. I had already thrown all the ingredients in the bowl before reading through the directions (are we sensing a pattern here), when I saw that the recipe called for a jelly roll pan. Excuse me?

Enter: Google images

5 minutes later, I had whipped up my own version with a little aluminum foil and added jelly roll pan to my mental Christmas list.The pumpkin roll process proved to be easier than one would think, and I also got my first opportunity to try my hand at homemade icing.In the end, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to make a pumpkin roll without incident and Sean was pleasantly surprised that he got to eat it. When he got home from work, I made him promise not to peek in the fridge until after dinner. After our meal, I made him cover his eyes and unveiled my big surprise.

This is a picture of Sean being happy about the pumpkin roll but also laughing at me for taking a picture of this moment.I still have one can of pumpkin left…any ideas?


7 thoughts on “DrumRoll Please…

  1. Gabby

    come on meg cant you give credit where credit is due? i put my blood sweat and tears into those babies at the top! Unless you’ve been making cookies with someone else and in that case i am equally as upset.

  2. Tommy

    Make pumpkin bread! My wife made it for me and it was amazing. We even entered it in the company picnic bake-off and got a prize! Let me know if you want the recipe. Oh, and hi, it’s been a while.

  3. Robin

    Pumpkin Squares
    Step 1 Crust
    1 yellow cake mix (reserve 1 C for step 3)
    1/2 C melted butter
    1 egg
    Mix and pat into 9×13 pan.

    Step 2 Pumpkin Filling
    3 C pumpkin
    2 1/2 t pump pie spice
    3/4 C + 2 T brown sugar
    2 eggs
    2/3 C milk
    Mix and pour over crust

    Step 3 Topping
    Reserved cake mix
    almost 1/2 C sugar
    1 t cinnamon
    1/2 C softened butter
    Spread as best you can over filling.
    Bake 350 degrees 45-50 min

  4. Cristie

    If that was the same pumpkin roll that was there when I was there two weeks ago that was SO delicious! Can you send me the recipe please? You are the best, love you!

  5. emily anderson

    i totally love your blog…it’s hilarious. for reals.

    and i add pumpkin to everything…yes, EVERYTHING. everytime i’m at the store i buy like 5 cans, so my pantry is stocked full. i love pumpkin.
    your pumpkin roll looks delish.

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