A Letter for the Hubby

Dear Husband,
Today you ran a marathon.

Today you ran 26.2 miles in 3 hours. That’s fast.

I am so proud of you for today, but I am more proud of all of the hours that you spent leading up to today. I am proud of the example that you set for me. You are disciplined, you pursue the things you love, and you don’t give up when it’s hard. I love these things about you, and I am so proud of you.

Know that I was cheering you on from Pittsburgh. Love you lots!

Hope they gave you free ice cream at the end (You deserve it),



For all those who are proud of Sean – leave a comment to say congrats! YAY Hubby!


8 thoughts on “A Letter for the Hubby

  1. Robin

    I am sooo proud of you, Sean. So much that…believe it or not, I teared up in church this morning as I was talking about your accomplishment! When I think about a task that one cannot accomplish on his/her own without the presence of God, it moves me. Finishing a marathon with a time goal like that and meeting it, is so amazing. Let us all strive for things that will bring us to the end of ourselves and give God all the glory. We love you.

  2. Dewski

    ‘atta boy Seany Gateau! I’m in no way surprised by your domination in any athletic event not requiring a ball of some sort. You da man 🙂

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