Last Sunday afternoon, I arrived home from work and was told to close my eyes as soon as I stepped through the doorway. I sat on our couch covering my eyes while Sean rustled up a few surprises and packed them in the car. When I opened my eyes, he handed me a single hydrangea and tried to hustle me off to the car. The surprise could have ended right there – hydrangea are right up there with ice cream, cheese, and the assorted list of ‘my favorite things’ – but Sean had more in mind! Once I had my flower in water and positioned perfectly in our family room, I was ready to go.

Sean pulled the car into one of our favorite parks in the city. It has a beautiful hill overlooking lots of trees and is always quiet and relaxed. The day was perfect and when Sean pulled a fully packed picnic basket out of the car I was excited! We grabbed a spot under a big tree and unpacked our goodies!We received a fun picnic pack as a wedding gift and this was our first official picnic using it! The pack includes every gadget and utensil one might want on a picnic and comes complete with teeny salt and pepper shakers and matching blue gingham napkins! Sean packed lots of my favorite things – lots of cheese, soppressata, grapes, raspberry ice tea, and a delicious baguette. It was so thoughtful and romantic of Sean to surprise me in the middle of a busy day of work with such a fun treat.

I love my hubby.


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