Stinkin’ Granola

Our cupboards are looking pretty bare, so with 0 breakfast options, I took another swing at making granola this morning. After my first disastrous attempt, I still had about $20 worth of assorted granola ingredients left over – ingredients that are pretty much only useful for making granola. This time, I only had one thing on the stove, so I gauged my chances of success much higher from the start. I dumped in all the various brans and germs and mixed as per the package (ok, so I may have slipped in a little brown sugar). Then it was time to tackle the actual baking part of the process.

The recipe calls for 20 minutes in the oven, stirring occasionally. Since I had pretty much failed to stir my granola last time at all, I decided to really step it up and stir every 2 minutes (we live in extremes around here people). Around 15 minutes, I pulled the granola out of the oven and was greeted by the heavenly smell of success. I left the granola to cool on the stove and left the room.

30 seconds later I walked back into the room, feeling an unnecessary level of guilt and worry about cutting the directions short. ‘What if it’s not done’…’what if it gets sticky because it didn’t bake long enough…what if…what if…’ All of a sudden my inner-granola had kicked in. With my imaginary Birkenstock’s on my feet, I pronounced 20 minutes as the exact time granola must be baked. I popped the dish back in the oven, noted the time on the clock, and stepped out of the room, promising to return in exactly 5 minutes.

15 minutes later…I jumped up from my email and went racing into the kitchen shouting at myself.

Thankfully, my granola was only slightly worse for wear. It had lost some of the golden smell of success, but was definitely edible.

Although I think I’ll be asked to turn in my imaginary Birkenstock’s, I did enjoy my breakfast.


3 thoughts on “Stinkin’ Granola

  1. Kelly

    hahah Meg! I do the same thing EVERY stinkin’ time I make granola – which, by the way, is about once a week. One would think that I would get the hang of it.

    Oh, the perks of being a multi-tasker.


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