Gone Country

Questions you are asking yourself right now:

How did this horrific picture come to exist?

Why did you post it for all the world to see?

Please tell me that’s a giant plastic cow….?

Why didn’t I marry him?

The only explanation I can offer is that this is what happens when the two of us head out to the country.

Every Labor Day weekend, Sean and I join the family for our annual trip to the Canfield Fair. Since my computer and I are not on speaking terms, I am posting this rather belatedly (although I did mention our trip briefly here while waxing philosophical about fair food).

This year we brought along some friends and enjoyed a full day of country fun…fried food, super-sized everything, horse-racing, watching pony-cart competitions (completely ignorant as to what they are being judged on), sitting on tractors, midway games, two visits to the milking parlor, lots of walking/people watching, and of course going to the International Building to visit my grandpa’s Italian booth.

The day also brought the first sweatshirt wearing of the season, as I arrived dressed for summer and was promptly greeted by fall. We ended up buying a cheesy Canfield Fair: ‘Something to Crow About’ sweatshirt to keep me from spending all day whining.

Our first stop, as always, was to the Pumpkin Barn. Sean makes us guess the weight of the largest pumpkin every year. Now’s the time…what’s your guess?…The winner was…1277 1/2 pounds!

I think Dad won the guessing game this year. The fact that neither Sean or I can remember who won makes me think it wasn’t either of us.

Here are a few highlights from the day…

My hair most days...I feel your pain.

I love this photo. I think Courtney may have just suggested getting a side salad or a smaller size.

While my stomach may argue otherwise, I’m already craving fair food again. Can’t wait for next year!

Disclaimer: Since I refused to carry around my camera all day, I am not able to offer the full fair experience on film. All photos were shamelessly stolen from my mom. Please enjoy this small sampling. Hopefully Courtney will post more soon (hint hint)


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