These are self-portraits of myself today.

Today, I worked from home. I tried out working on a Monday (which is usually my day off) and it was a big success. I felt very accomplished and feel ready to face the rest of the week. I woke up early and sat down with my computer at the desk in our front room. I worked all day long – answered lots of emails, made a thorough to-do list for the week (and crossed a few things off), worked ahead on some upcoming projects, and creepily peered out of our front window.

For some reason, Sean and I have decided that the best place for our desk is in front of the huge window in our front room that faces the street. I usually pull the blinds down when I sit there, because its odd for people passing by to see me sitting there working smack in front of the window peering down at them. Today though, I felt I needed the sunlight, plus I am still awaiting our Mac…will it ever come???…so I left a small space at the bottom of the window so I could stand guard for its arrival. Had you been walking by our house today, you would have seen two little eyes appearing and disappearing at the bottom of the front window.

Despite all my creeping…my mission was completely unsuccessful. UPS came and left without paying me a second glance. The postal service threw me a meager credit card offer and went on their way. And about 50 other cars that were not in the mail carrying business passed by our house today. Alas, I am still left to creep another day…

Someday, this will be my self-portrait…

But that day was not today.

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