Here We Go

Thursday night, Sean’s sister Audra was generous enough to invite Sean and I to a Steelers’ preseason game with her and her boyfriend, Josh. Sporting our jerseys proudly, Sean and I were so excited to go to Heinz Field! The Steelers did quite well, and it’s always so much fun to see a game live.

I was extremely busy for most of the game people watching, fidgeting, asking sports questions, buying overpriced water, and taking pictures. In between all of that I watched the jumbo-tron, kept track of whether the giant ketchup bottles were up or down, looked for Polamalu on offense and pondered why Hines Ward wasn’t playing at the same time as Troy (oops).  As you can see, I am a huge sports enthusiast.

We got on the jumbo-tron at one point, which was exciting. But I may or may not have been biting my nails at the time, so it wasn’t my best showing.

We always love spending time with these twoThanks for bringing us along guys! We love you!

Cute Steelers Baby

Go Steelers!


4 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. Elisabeth

    That is so awesome you went to the steelers game! Nazari was actually on the field and one of his videos played on the jumbotron, so you probably go to see it!
    Awesome pics by the way megan, and you guys looked great in your jersies!

  2. Pete

    Love how you said you spent that majority of the game people watching. I LOVE people watching but am so bad at it. I just stare. If you go out in public you lay down your right to NOT be stared at, is what I say. Looks like this was a lot of fun! Never been to an NFL game!

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