Summ It Up – O’Rourke Style

Our friend Courtney* posted this challenge on her blog today:

Some stories take lots of words to get the message across. And sometimes you can tell everything in just three words. Can you tell us the most memorable story from your summer in… just. 3. words?

Sean and I put our heads together and here’s what we came up with:

First married summer

Growing plants+us

Nicaragua, two beaches

Fun Family Getaways

Lots of Blessings

Summer’s Too Short

So what about you? Join in on the fun and link up your 3 word summer summaries (or leave one in the comments)!

*You should definitely check out the Bowden’s blog. We.heart.them. (see if we can sum up our feelings for the Bowden’s in 3 words…you can certainly say something about your summer!)


2 thoughts on “Summ It Up – O’Rourke Style

  1. courtney

    “sweat our style”??
    Just kidding….glad you liked the challenge. especially because it was “stolen from klove” 🙂

    So glad to have friends like you….if I could sum that up:
    Fun’s just begun.


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