A Few Fun Surprises

Last week, I brought these home from our garden…With some of our homegrown basil (and some processed pizza dough and cheese) we whipped up these…They were SO delicious!

Tonight, I came home from work and Sean had brought home about double the amount of tomatoes. He was hard at work making one of my favorites……bruscetta! Such a fun surprise!

Everything we are growing is feeding my constant craving for Italian food. We just need to get down to the Italian market for some real cheese…

Another fun surprise…this is on its way to our house right now!

Sean and I have been looking at getting a computer with some money we have saved up since my old one from college continues to be on strike. This past weekend, a connection of my parents ended up getting us an amazing deal on a new Mac! This was a completely unexpected blessing. We ended up getting a much nicer computer than we originally would have bought for half of the price we had planned on spending. This is such an encouragement to us to not live beyond our means and to be content with what we have – the Lord has continually provided for our needs – so often in ways that are surprising and abundant beyond what we would dream of!


One thought on “A Few Fun Surprises

  1. Elisabeth

    You’re food looks SO delicious! And I love getting to read about all the cute things Sean does… you guys are the greatest 🙂
    Also, awesome news about the computer! Nazari has a mac like that and loves it! God is soooo good! And thanks for the encouraging words about being content with what we have and trusting God to provide. And ah, and how much more fun when it is a surprise!


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