Day at the Movies

Sean and I both had the day off this Monday. For August, it was a fairly cold and rainy day – perfect for a movie date!

We headed off to a nearby movie theater with very low expectations. Sean and I have a terrible track record with picking movies. We usually end up picking something less than entertaining. If the movie does end up entertaining us, it’s generally because it’s so bad, that it’s good. We’ve seen Mission Impossible 3, Bee Movie, and some basketball movie that may not have made it to DVD it was so sub par among some other stunning cinematic masterpieces.

We headed off to see Inception, and with our previous movie record in mind, we figured it might be best to stock up on sweets in case it disappointed us and we ended up having to drown our sorrows in sugar.

We may have gone a little overboard……that is an entire pound of licorice you see before you… We also may have either bought the candy at the movie theater or bought it elsewhere for a 1/3 of the price and snuck it in illegally…I can’t seem to remember at the moment which we did…

Inception turned out to be great! It does have me questioning the reality of my entire existence…but aside from that…great stuff. I guess it was a pretty safe bet though, I mean how could we have possibly gone wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Sean and I appear to be turning over a new leaf at the movie theater…now if only we could get some help with our Red Box choices…


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