Failed Attempt

I tried really hard to blog tonight folks…some may even say too hard. But don’t worry…I consoled myself with ice cream.

Our home computer seems to be struggling lately. Either that, or it just enjoys playing hard to get.

Dear Computer,

Please work. Please stop taking 10 minute smoke breaks in between every click of my mouse. Please type entire sentences as I write them and not with punctuated pauses in between each letter. Please utilize the anti-virus software I have so kindly given to you. Please know that your actions have consequences and that you and I may never watch an episode of  ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ together again if you continue to act out. Please know that I have been thankful for your faithful service in the past. Your services are no longer needed. Please replace yourself with a Mac. Thank  you.


A Disgruntled Ice Cream Storage Unit

Posts aren’t fun without pictures. My pictures are on the rogue computer. It may take some time for us to work out our differences…I’ll be back when I can.

Perhaps my computer felt it deserved the two-week vacation Sean and I just had and took off?


3 thoughts on “Failed Attempt

  1. remedy4city

    My mac is being difficult like your computer. It won’t turn on unless attached to the power cord, won’t play DVDs, and always thinks the date is january 1969. We’re in a fight

  2. Courtney

    Ours is like that TOO! So annoying….I have to wait ten minutes just to get it started up…..don’t rush it by trying to open internet explorer- it’ll threaten to die. Ugh. It may have something to do with having 8,937 photos saved, but isn’t that what computers are for? It’s probably about time to get a new one…..just can’t stand to spend the money. Hopefully sending a strongly worded letter will help! 🙂

  3. Cristie

    I’m sorry Meg, that is the worst! If it makes you feel any better I absolutely loved this post! So funny! (even without any pictures)You make me laugh 🙂


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