Sis in the City…Part 2!

Hello again!

Another thing that I have loved about living here so far is all the visitors!  Not only have I been lucky enough for people to plan to come see me but so many others call me up when they’ve been passing through town for business trips or short vacations.  It’s been much easier to avoid being homesick when I get to see familiar faces most every weekend.  My cousins, Kristen and Michael are spending a few days here after being in Plymouth for a family wedding.  I was so excited to get to spend Sunday night with them enjoying great conversation, good food, a tour of the NY villages, and “cheap” wine.  (They’ll know what I’m referring to because the wine we ordered came in bottles with the word “CHEAP” written in big letters across it haha)

Because I’m an event planner I always love hearing about creative get-togethers and party ideas.  Kristen was telling me that her and her good friends started a 6-week “Sunday Fun-day” series.  They alternated hosts and planners on Sundays for 6 weeks so they would get to spend the day together doing something creative all together.  One of the days that she described was when they had their own version of an Iron Chef competition—how fun!!

What a great way to enjoy the summer weather with a group of friends!  I wish I had a sizeable apartment where I could actually fit guests in because I am missing being able to host parties! Another blog I enjoy is She gives creative tips on entertaining in the city.  She and my food experiences here so far have inspired me to create a hypothetical summer chic menu!  I love the idea of comfort food at a dinner party as opposed to something fancy.  But even better…comfort food that looks fancy to make it unique!

Tiny Tasty Comforting Bites

-sliders with carmelized onions, pickles, on a toasted bun

-mac n’ cheese in personal custard cups with a crunchy baked top

-sweet potato fries (mmm yum!!)

-red skin potatoes with a side of herb butter

Matched with a lemonade vodka with strawberries would make that such a delicious summer feast! Wow I’m getting hungry now…I think I’ll go get lunch.


2 thoughts on “Sis in the City…Part 2!

  1. High-Rise Hostess

    Why thank you for mentioning my blog! I am so happy you enjoy it. I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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