Guest Blogger…Sis In the City

While Meg is away for the week she asked me to be her “guest blogger.”  I’m not sure why she asked me considering I have no insight as far as marriage, sewing projects, new gardens, and homemade artwork goes…but I happily agreed to try!  For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Ali, Megan’s younger sister.  I recently moved to New York City in early June after graduating from Ohio State in March.  This city has been overwhelming in the best way—always so many new things to see!!  My apartment is very small with no TV or Internet and I live in a kitchen on a futon…so as you can imagine, I try to spend as much time elsewhere as possible.  Life really is as fast paced as they say but luckily with the help of Starbucks and the occasional “5 Hour Energy” I manage to keep up.  Because my job is temporary I am in the job search process looking for something in event planning or PR–the applications and interviews have been grueling but I’m keeping at it and hopefully something will stick soon so I’ll be able to stay.  Otherwise…I’ll be on a plane back to adorable Hudson, Ohio until I figure things out.  (which wouldn’t be the worst thing considering Hudson is one of my all time favorite places to be and I miss my family terribly)

So enough background about me… As I mentioned, I’m not sure what Meg wants me to write  but I’ll try (as long as no one expects me to have her savvy English major way with words!)  Coming from Ohio, you can imagine that are some differences here in NY.  Here are some that really shocked me or just make me laugh.

-Transportation. Getting around is so difficult here!  You can either take a $15 dirty taxi across town, a slow bus, or the SUBWAY.  The Subway is so crazy! My people watching kicks up to high gear in there.  I’ve seen panic attacks, singing bums, a man selling his book titled Don’t Beat Your Children or They’ll Turn Out Like Me, a person transporting a surf board across town… the list could go on!!!

-The people.  Everything thinks that New Yorkers are rude and pushy but in my experiences I’ve found them to be really helpful, sweet, and outgoing.  Sure, I’ll admit to being an optimist but they really have been great.  Compliments on the street from strangers, asking for directions, meeting people out at night–for the most part everyone has been so nice.  BUT the exception to this is everyone that works in customer service.  Servers, retail associates, bartenders–even the baristas at Starbucks are so rude!! I thought it was a requirement for Starbucks employees to be happy, talkative, and just generally caffeinated but here they just stare me down if I can’t get the phrase “Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte hot” out quick enough.  (They get really sassy on the days where I can’t decide between caramel and vanilla but I won’t go into it)

-Late Nights.  I once heard that businesses don’t survive in NY if they aren’t open 24-7 and deliver.  And I guess this is true because even at 11pm on a Sunday night people are out and about and business doors are open.  I have adapted well so far too.  I was in Atlantic City on Saturday and my group wanted to head back to the hotel room at 3:30.  I still had so much energy and wanted to continue on considering I usually am out until 5.  I think that the energy is infectious here because back in Columbus, I would be exhausted and ready for bed at midnight.

Well I’d love to keep boring you with details but I have to get back to work.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post sometime this week too 🙂


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