Off on an Adventure

As we celebrate the completion of this first year together, Sean and I are stepping out in faith, responding to a call that we believe the Lord has placed on our hearts. The church that I work for, is taking a mission trip to Nicaragua, and has asked us to go along to help lead the team. We will be traveling to an area called La Chureca, a highly impoverished area where we will be hoping to bring the light of Christ. The people in La Chureca survive by sending their children into a landfill, where they gather plastics and other recyclable materials to sell. By the world’s standards, these people have little hope, but we firmly believe what the Psalmist says in Psalm 35: “The Lord is near to the broken-hearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” It is this message of hope that we seek to bring by partnering with missionary Dan Bain.

We will be leaving for Nicaragua today and be gone until August 7, and will be working both with the children of La Chureca, and with the adults. We will be helping Dan to build relationships with the people of the village by praying with them, aiding in various projects that Dan has already initiated. During this process we are vastly in need of your prayers. We believe that in and of ourselves we have no chance of succeeding in overcoming the language, cultural, and financial divide that stands between us and the people of La Chureca; yet we know that with Christ all things are possible, and so we fervently ask that you pray for our mission.

We are very excited to be taking this step of faith together! You can follow along with our team at

See you soon!

Who knows…maybe a surprise guest blogger may stop by?


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