Mom’s #1 Fan

Whenever I log on to this blog of mine, a box pops up that shows how many people look at it each day. My numbers had been going at a steady clip until I went on that trip to NYC. When I returned home, I noticed that my numbers had dropped by more than half. From this…I deduced the following…

1. I was on the trip with my mom

2. My mom loves me and cheers me on.

3. Therefore my mom reads my blog.

4. My blog had been read by way less people during our absence.

5. My mom did not have access to my blog while we were hitting the mean streets of New York.

6. Which led me to my final conclusion…my mom is most, if not all, of the people who stop by to read about the things we’ve been up to…

So although this blog promises to share all the new things that Sean and I are up to…I figure a shout-out to my mom is quite in order since she’s fabulous and since she may be the only one out there listening anyways!

I am so incredibly blessed to have the mom that I do. She is always serving others, she is the most hospitable person I know, and she loves life. I am so thankful for her incredible example and her unconditional love.

All in all, it’s quite perfect that my mom is my #1  blog fan, since it pretty much exists to keep her and the rest of the family up to date on all of our antics!

Hi Mom! Love you!


4 thoughts on “Mom’s #1 Fan

    1. Ali

      such a sweet post 🙂 if mom is your #1 fan than count me as #2!! i love reading it.

      Mom is so special and I love all the pics you posted of her!

  1. Aunt Susan

    Love that your Mom is your #1 Fan! Knew that:)
    I as well eagerly open each and every notification that you have added to your blog. Keeps me up-to-date with you and Sean and brings sighs, laughs and oh-my’s! What did you decide to do with the picture?…Happy anniversary to you and Sean…how is your garden growing?
    Love ‘ya lots! Aunt Susan

  2. nathanvan

    I wonder if WordPress bothers to count people who follow your blog by subscribing the the RSS feed and catching up via Google Reader (or similar software).


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