Since Facebook came out a number of years ago…I haven’t been much of a fan. I avoided the craze for a good number of years.

When I got to college, I noticed that a number of my friends were meeting people through Facebook. They were ‘friends’ first online, and then friends in reality later. For some reason, this didn’t quite strike the right chord with me. I wanted reality to come first.

Eventually, I hopped on the Facebook train, but I can’t say I’m a complete convert. I still have barely learned how to use it, I have yet to post any pictures, and I still don’t really get what all the fuss is about.

But now here I am…blogging away. So is this irony, hypocrisy or a fine mix of both? I’m not sure how I found myself here. But strangely enough…I quite enjoy it and I think I’ll continue…


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