A Sweet Joke

This past weekend was busy, busy, busy! I was in a wedding of a very good friend of mine that I spent a summer in India with a few years ago. We filled the weekend with catching up with college friends, good food, late-night conversations, and lots of wedding festivities! It was so fun to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. Muetzel!

Thursday night was the bachelorette party, which was a fun night of catching up with some college girls that I hadn’t seen in way too long. We had lots of fun cooking, laughing, playing silly games, and staying up into the early hours of the next morning chatting.

Although we kept the party tame, I couldn’t resist adding my own sense of humor to the fruit salad I was asked to contribute. In keeping with the order of the party, I opted to cut pineapple-panties instead of the more traditional wedges!

Here is the brains behind the operation…

When I asked my friend Cookie what I should to do spice up my fruit salad she suggested cookie cutters for the fruit, and jokingly said that a pantie-shaped cutter would be appropriate…

I decided it was a fabulous idea and actually followed through on it. I cut the pineapple into wedges and then used the edge of a round cookie scoop to cut off the two bottom corners. Voila! Pineapple panties!

What can I say? When it comes to fruit…I’m a comic genius…


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