1 Year!

Yesterday was our first anniversary! July 25, 2009 seems like it came and went so quickly and now, here we are a whole year later already!

I have loved our first year of marriage…and it only makes me more excited to see what God has in store for our future! I can’t imagine life without Sean by my side. He is an incredible best friend and man of God. He challenges me every day to be better and to love the Lord more. I am so thankful that God has brought us together.

This year has been so full of blessing. As we have embarked on one new thing after another, we have enjoyed the journey side-by-side!

We had a great day yesterday (in between my full work-day at church) celebrating! We made a big brunch together and Sean had a few surprises for me including this lovely:

He had also gone out and gotten a sweet surprise from a local bakery. We weren’t able to save any of our wedding cake, so Sean bought two cupcakes and froze them to surprise me. After brunch, Sean brought them out of the freezer and we let them defrost…so it felt like the real thing! …still tasted great after all that time haha…

After church last night, we went for a yummy meal at a nice Caribbean restaurant and then we finished off the evening with some frozen yogurt. Sean knows me too well…I can’t officially call it a celebration without some ice cream!

I was officially spoiled yesterday.

We had a great night celebrating our marriage, and reflecting on all that God has done in our lives together so far. We spent some time looking through our wedding album and reminiscing. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Happy 1 Year Sean!

Photo credit – our photographer was amazing!


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