List: New York City

I am a list maker. I love crossing things off. Like many list-makers…I add things I’ve already done to my lists just so I can cross them off.

So, I’ve decided to try something new. Blog in list form…this might not turn out as good as I hope because I won’t be able to cross the things off. I guess I could…but it might be harder to read…

Things I (Re-)Deduced in NYC:

1. I’m just not a planner. I decided to take public transportation from JFK airport to the Lower East Side to meet up with Ali…without planning this out…FAIL.

2. The Lord is good. The first friendly-face I asked for help was amazingly gracious to me. He ended up being a believer and he stayed with me until I safely made my last subway transfer. I can’t stop thanking God for him – such an incredible blessing it is still blowing me away!

3. I love these ladies.

4. My sisters are amazing + beautiful. So much fun to be with my best friends! We definitely don’t get to see each other enough!

5. This picture is unflattering. But I love it because it makes me laugh…and dear sisters you laugh too when you see it… And this is my list so … tada!

6. We did lots of walking around.

Lego Store = I love it!

Drag family into American Girl Doll Store. Check.

Speaking of walking around…These are the six flights of narrow staircase my sister has to climb every day to reach her bed.

7. She does not deserve this.8. This was just plain fabulous.

9. I love this dress. Please observe. Ruffled shoulder pads. I cannot resist you. Unless you cost $200…in which case…I sadly leave you in New York City.

10. This weekend energized and deeply blessed me. I am so thankful for the amazing women in my family. Thanks for a great weekend – we need to do trips like this more often! Miss you already!

Have a great time in New York City with my favorite girls.


3 thoughts on “List: New York City

  1. Robin

    Loved the entry too!! Meg–Elizabeth Hasselbeck had the black and white dress on The View today. I couldn’t believe it! NYC was great!

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