Good to be Home

I got home last night from my trip to NYC. When Sean picked me up from the airport, I was completely spent from a full day of walking, being overwhelmed in Grand Central, riding the subway, fending off a creepy Long Islander, airport shuttles, a layover, overpriced airport food, wearing a backpack the size of a 4th grader, waiting on the JFK runway for an obscene amount of time, taking every opportunity to unnecessarily ride moving walkways, sprinting to catch a connection flight, and two plane rides.

I was delighted to see my hubby, but my energy level was low and after a brief double fist pump and a quick kiss, I was grumpy-mcgrump-erson.

And what in response did this fabulous husband of mine do??? He reached into the backseat and handed me the picnic backpack we got as a wedding gift. I was instructed to open up the cooler section. Inside were two Sheetz milkshakes – if you’ve yet to try these…you NEED to indulge. They are amazing!

The surprises kept coming…When we got home and unloaded the car…these were in the trunk…


THEN, I woke up this morning and was driving to work. I called Sean, woke him up, and demanded to know where he had moved the stuff in my backseat. He politely told me that it was in my trunk. I hung up and then realized for the first time that my entire car had been cleaned, all mess removed/organized, seats and floor vacuumed, car cleaned and waxed.

I’m a grump, but…

I have a fabulous husband who is so selfless and serving.

I’m a very blessed wife…and it’s good to be home.

I missed him.


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