Yesterday, I did yoga with my co-worker Kassi during our lunch break. Not just any yoga – P90X yoga! Which means its super hard and super great. We lasted 48min of the hour and a half long workout…at which point, I began to consistently fall out of one position after another and decided to cave.

Today, I am sore. Very sore. Ouch! (but a good ouch)

I might have suffered permanent damage.

In other news…this morning I was complaining to myself (in my head) about an incident I had with a friend a couple of years ago, where I felt unfairly treated. (Apparently, I can hold a mean grudge.) Not sure why it had come to mind, but I was busy saying to myself…man, I can’t believe I was treated so badly, etc…wah wah wah…

This afternoon, the tables were completely flipped and I before I knew it…I had done to a friend of mine the very thing that I had been complaining to myself about this morning.

Instant conviction. Ouch! (but a good ouch).

God is good. Even when I need disciplined.


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