Sew New

Here she is friends…in all her glory…Before I continue…I want to make sure we are all pretending a few things. We are pretending that this picture was taken with an iPhone which accounts for its blurriness. We are also pretending that the desk behind the sewing machine is in perfect order. Ok, sew now I can continue as we have all entered our imaginations…

This is a 1969 Singer Touch-and-Sew sewing machine…and it is now sitting in our office! My mother-in-law is extremely generous and is always looking out for me as I venture into new territory. My latest idea has been to learn to sew. Sew and behold, she came to my rescue yet again, and has graciously allowed me to use this sewing machine that used to belong to her mother. It is super fabulous and I love looking at it (I don’t really know how to use it yet…sew I just peer at it).

Sew now you are thinking to yourself, things just can’t get any more fabulous…but you are wrong.Ok, sew ordinarily I am the type of person that reads instruction manuals thoroughly…but this takes the cake! How could you possibly not read this beauty from cover to cover?? I mean seriously…it’s too lovely not to.

According to pages 1-8, I have successfully 1. observed the parts of the machine and 2. threaded the needle…but not the bobbin. Please people! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There are 72 pages of this baby to savor!

All this being said…we can conclude the following: 1. I love this machine, 2. I LOVE the instruction manual (was that love more emphasized? what’s wrong with me?), 3. I have no idea what I’m doing, 4. This sewing machine is pretty, 5. I will learn how to use it (duh, because of the instructions), 6. All of these pictures were taken with my imaginary iPhone, 7. The sewing puns were an unnecessary addition, as was me pointing them out.

Look! In 1969, Singer was trying Something New too!“What’s new for tomorrow is at SINGER today.”

See? We were made for each other.

Sew there.


4 thoughts on “Sew New

  1. Robin

    Hilarious!!!! Meg-just get a pattern and some material and get going!! Begin with something as easy as an apron.
    You will be amazing.

  2. Dustin

    I think you are hilarious! I LOVED (with much emphasis) the puns. I’m not much of a blog commentor (look at through “our” blog and you’ll see a definitive lack of comments), but when a post is this good I can’t resist. Now make me a t-shirt!

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