The Hills

Around the time that we started our garden, I started to get a romantic notion in my head…

I imagined us riding our bikes side by side down to our garden plot in the early evening each night after work to water our plants and watch them grow…sigh…

Two nights ago, we set off side by side in the late afternoon sun. Pedaling was easy and we were off! … It started to get easier and easier – I was ready for the Tour de France…the wind in my helmet…my husband at my side…

All of a sudden, I was losing track of the pedals… And…careening down a huuge hill. And…that’s precisely when I started to freak out and ruined any chance of a romantic bike ride. For me, going downhill on a bike is quite possibly the worst. I hate not having control over my bike (insert metaphor for my life). Too bad our house is at the top of a hill, and the entire way to the garden is a downward coast. I ended up squeezing my breaks the entire ride…they sqeak…and at times limping down the monsterous (and by monstrous, Sean would say I mean gradually declining) hills with my feet on the ground on either side of the bike instead of on the pedals.

I was relieved when we arrived at the garden and the ground stopped racing by beneath me.

But I was not at all prepared for the ride back home…

It began tremendously. And by that I mean that a bunch of teenage boys whistled and hollered at me as they raced past me in their biker gang….and it was not because I was totally pulling off my gigantic bike helmet and looked as cute as this little muchkin…

Although I might have looked as terrified (but still not as cute)…

To give them further ammunition, I was also huffing and puffing as soon as we left the parking lot outside the garden…because if the way there was entirely downhill…the way home was entirely uphill. Basically, my legs turned to lead rather quickly and I had to stop rather often. At one point, a man washing his truck, stopped what he was doing to (quite overtly) watch me attempt to make it up one of the hills. Eventually, I puffed out a hello, and he mentioned that he rides that hill every weekend. It was just the inspiration (and humiliation) I needed, and I ended my crawl to the top as quickly as possible.

All in all, I guess you could say that it did turn out to be a romantic bike ride…my husband cheered me on and encouraged me the entire way!

Will I attempt it again? I’ll keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “The Hills

  1. Robin Post author

    Since you took your bike back to Pittsburgh–I was wondering about those hills… Funny. Not laughing AT you..laughing WITH you. Going to try biking to the garden again?

  2. Gabby

    This made me laugh so hard, which of course then made the dog start barking uncontrollably at me… happyness gone. but thanks anyway.


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