A Good Mess

Today when I walked in our front door after work, I found this…

And the mess extended all the way into our front room. All of the following greeted me…see if you can spot some of the following: 2 bikes, a bike rack, cables, a chair with no seat, power tools, power drill charger, large blank canvas, a couple days of mail, stack of organized bills, assorted power cords, 15+ large black binders compiling 4 years worth of college English classes, dry cleaning, a lamp with no shade, large tool box, a square piece of plywood, a picture of Audrey Hepburn, drywall screws, a frisbee, a square piece of foam, rearranged bookshelves/desk, a set of golf clubs, a superhero poster, folding chairs, and one very overflowing trash can.

Sean is a teacher and school has recently let out for the summer.

As I surveyed the path through the mess from the front door, Sean peeked his head out of our front room and said sheepishly, “I started too many projects.”

I love my husband – who is far more productive than I would ever be!


One thought on “A Good Mess

  1. Aunt Susan

    Love you guys! Am so happy to read every new post – you are an absolutely charming and funny writer living a charmed and funny God filled life!


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