A Little Plot of Land…

This past weekend, the hubby and I were very productive. We cleaned the entire apartment, ran a bunch of errands, and we used our brand new key here…We got a garden plot at the community gardens in our town! Very exciting! We are hoping to get lots of yummy veggies and learn something about growing our own food. Here are some pictures from our adventure this weekend.

We had our work cut out for us. Here’s what it looked like before (completely overrun by sour wild berries)…

And after…

We planted tomatoes, red and green peppers, beans, some herbs, lettuce, spinach, and a watermelon (we got a little crazy at the end!)

I LOVED doing a project like that – just the two of us. It will be so much fun to walk or ride our bikes down to the garden all summer to take care of it together.

I hope that this would teach us how to appreciate God’s provision for us as we watch our plants grow day after day…we were already marveling yesterday that our tiny seeds would turn into something we can eat…

And because we have been inspired by these two men…a post about planting just wouldn’t be the same without their words…
“A garden teaches us to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?” – Wendell Berry

“Garlic is probably the best thing you can do with a garden.” – Grandpa Galieti (this is so Italian and it cracks me up…we are hoping to transplant some of his famous garlic soon!)


9 thoughts on “A Little Plot of Land…

  1. Robin

    There is something very special about having a garden. Have fun with this summer adventure. Some day your plot will be on your own property–maybe near your picket fence….

  2. Kate

    Loved your adventure to your garden! Especially love the picture of the farmers!! Enjoy the process and the rewards! Your blog is awesome!

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