Lil’ Sean…Rapper or Hopeless Romantic?

So here it is again…the nondescript site of our first non-official date.

Sean and I had met a few months earlier. We had rocky first impressions of each other, but managed to get past that at some point down the line. We both were attending Grove City College and would run into each other often around campus. Eventually, we started chatting and a five minute hello would more often than not turn into a two hour conversation.

Here’s what we looked like back then.Sean wore that hat every day and was always easy to spot on campus if I wanted to ‘just happen to run into him.’ Thankfully, that haircut is no more…much to his dismay.

One night, we ended up driving around the bustling metropolis that is Grove City. It was the first time that we had actually planned to see each other, and we had decided to hit the streets. Sean pulled his car into the tiny parking lot of the local fireworks supply company. In front of us were these huge spidery looking poles.

‘Just wait for it,’ he told me.

So we did.

As soon as it got dark – it started…One by one the tips of the poles started lighting up and flashing. Electric fireworks!

Yes, they were bright neon. Yes, they were completely fake looking, and yes, we were sitting in a tiny fireworks supply parking lot, but I loved every second of it.

Fireworks rank extremely high up there as one of my favorite things ever. I wait expectantly for the 4th of July every summer. I had probably mentioned this at one point in passing to Sean, and so there it was – my very own fireworks display in December.

It was a great night, especially when he decided that it would be a good idea to pop in a rap compilation CD and serenade me during the fireworks display with his mad skills…it must have seemed like a good idea at the time…hilarious…

All in all, the night was goofy, unassuming, and thoughtful – three characteristics I love about my husband. He keeps me grounded and he keeps me laughing.


2 thoughts on “Lil’ Sean…Rapper or Hopeless Romantic?

  1. Robin

    I had never heard that story. It’s so funny and yes…thoughtful. Did you know that my first date with Daddy was at fireworks(the real kind)?

  2. Kara VanHoudnos

    hahaha… Great story! You guys are so cute. But that hair! oh my. 🙂 Also, please tell me that was like 10 years ago! You guys look soooo young! 🙂


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