your husband is responsible for making dinner. Sometimes that means that he invents something delicious from scratch or grills something to perfection. But sometimes…

he makes this…

…plus you are eating at 10pm (although this part was probably entirely my fault).

Disclaimer: Sean witnessed these photos being taken and was in complete agreement about the hilarity of the meal. He also acknowledged that he would be mocked on this blog (because it’s kind of funny). Thank you for your understanding.

All that being said, the meal was tasty! The sweet corn and Mancini’s bread were absolutely delicious. The beans may or may not have been in our cupboard since we got married 10+ months ago, but they were good nonetheless. We had a great dinner all the same and it was just nice to spend some quality time with my hubby.

We also popped into the grocery store last night and these beauties were on sale…

Which means that I will be making something delicious soon. Even if by making something I mean opening the box and eating some berries. I’ll keep you posted if I come up with anything.

Also, look what we have here…

Dear Rosemary, Please come out and join your friends soon. I fear I may have already killed you. Maybe you are safer where you are. Sincerely, Husband Admirer(/Mocker) and Berry Eater


One thought on “Sometimes…

  1. Robin

    I will pray for your rosemary if you will have similar hopes for our tomatoes!!
    Sean–the meal was a culinary masterpiece. Have you given any thought to creating a cookbook?
    Target audience: Those people who often have cereal for dinner…. (like us–you can cook for us anytime!!)


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