Limbo, Laughs, and Watermelon

Sean and I spent this past weekend enjoying some much needed family time. We had a wedding in Ohio on Saturday, spent Sunday with my family and then drove back to Pennsylvania for a party with his family on Monday. Somehow, it was an incredibly relaxing weekend.

On Friday, we spent the night at my parents’. It’s always a comfort to walk through this door…

…and be greeted by this face…

I promise Miss Emma usually keeps her face much cleaner – must have been rooting around in those lovely peonies!

On Saturday, we headed off to the wedding. Sean’s whole family was there and we had a blast!Highlights of the reception included silly antics, chicken masks, an Irish car bomb toast, and the whole family breaking it down on the dance floor. Evan managed to drag us all into a few instructional dance songs, despite much protest. I can hokey pokey with the best of them! This little lady even won the limbo contest:What can she say? — she’s talented. (She also just left for Africa a couple of days ago. Please keep her in your prayers – she will be spending the whole summer there!)

I also got to dance the Anniversary dance with this stud…We actually lasted quite a few minutes before being kicked off the dance floor because the DJ included categories like “2 month anniversary” and so on…

We spent the next day back at my parents’ celebrating my sister Ali’s graduation and new job in NYC!

How do I explain…as a grad present, my grandpa gave Ali a card taped to a watermelon. It would take me too many posts to explain why this is A. typical and B. hilarious (although this might be self-evident). I love him.

We spent a lovely afternoon with Sean’s family on Monday to send Audra off on her big adventure!This photo……quickly escalated into this…We had an incredible weekend, and we have been blessed with such great family. I miss them all and if I have any say they are all free to move in down the road.

I hope you had a Memorial Day weekend as happily spent as we did. We are so grateful for all the men and women serving our country far from their families!


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