Mom’s Plant Things Too…

Sean and I were blessed to be able to spend time with both sides of the family this past weekend. We celebrated at a wedding, one going-away party, and one going-away/graduation party (more to come).

Friday night, we spent some time at my parents’ house. After we got there we spent a couple of hours on the back deck catching up, sipping wine (a mutual love of Sean and Dad’s), and eating cheese and crackers (one of my favorite hobbies).

My parents’ backyard is one of my favorite things about their house – especially the garden.

They have so much more…but peonies are my favorite so they monopolized the photo shoot. I also loved that my mom is growing tomatoes this year. We both have edible gardening experiments going on!

For those few who have discovered that this mic is on…I would love to know: Do you have your own gardening experiment?


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Plant Things Too…

  1. Anne

    Hi – I just discovered your blog! I know your Aunt and I did the cookies for your bridal shower! She just told me about your blog and it’s now bookmarked on my google reader!

    My husband and I NEED to start our gardening projects. Right now, we are just good at growing weeds. We are hoping to get things rolling next week. We do veggies and flowers and my little girl loves to help!

    Best of luck with your new blog! I’ll be reading : )


  2. haveandtohold

    I am trying herbs now too! I had little window sill ones that didn’t work out that well, but now I’m onto bigger pots outside…we’ll see how it goes! The first thing I want to make with my basil is fresh pesto! 🙂


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