Date Night

Our town is quirky. There is really no denying that simple fact. Sean and I have spent lots of time observing and swapping stories in the short time that we have lived here.

Despite this, and no matter how outrageous the story, I never hesitate to recommend our town to family and friends. Looking for an apartment near the city?? Come check out our town! Yes, its often quite absurd, and yes, my husband did pass a woman taking her snake for a walk last week, you should move in next door! Simply said, we have grown to love this quirky place where we share our first home.

This past week we discovered this little italian restaurant amidst all the quirks:

Vivo is family-owned, and our waitress was the owners’ daughter. Her father is the chef and is entirely self taught, and her mother is the pastry chef. They also grow all the vegetables locally, so the food was fresh and yummy! All three family members appeared tableside throughout the meal and even invited us back in the kitchen for a chat after we were finished eating.

I love all things Italian so they pretty much had me the second I walked in the room. But the warm welcome we received made this place especially lovely.

My comments on our night would be severely lacking if I didn’t mention the wonderful peach sorbet we shared to finish off the meal. I am a huge ice cream addict, but since I am definitely no food critic all I really have to say is: YUM! I will eat that every night, please!

Sean and I had a great date night. We hadn’t done that in awhile so it was fun to have a night out on the town together.

And now we can add Vivo to the list of reasons to move in next door.


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